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Saints Row Edit

Johnny Gat was a member of the Third Street Saints, he helped the Boss fight against the Vice Kings. He was kidnapped and shot in the leg by Tony Green, but was rescued by the Boss. Johnny later accompanied the Boss and Ben King to kill Tanya who had betrayed Ben and took over the Vice Kings. Johnny had a romantic relationship with pop star Aisha and helped fake her death so she could get out of her contract with Kingdom Come Records.

Saints Row 2 Edit

After Johnny found out Troy Bradshaw was an undercover cop, he tried to kill him, and ended up in prison. After the Boss awoke from his coma, he rescued Johnny from his trial, and together they decided to bring back the Third Street Saints. Johnny primarily fought against the Ronin, and was critically wounded in a fight with Jyunichi, who had just killed Aisha. The Ronin then tried to kill Gat while he was still in the hospital. While at Aisha's funeral Gat was attacked by Shogo Akuji, and Gat buried him alive.

By the time the Ultor Corporation attacked the Saints, Gat fended off waves of security while the Boss went after Dane Vogel.

Saints Row: The Third Edit

Johnny sold his likeness to create a comic series called "Gangsta's in Space", which a movie adaptation was being made. Johnny along with the Boss and Shaundi robbed a bank belonging to the Syndicate and were captured, and brought on board the Syndicate's plane. The Saints fought back and Johnny offered to fly the plane while the Boss and Shaundi escaped, where Gat was then abducted by Zinyak.

Saints Row IV Edit

While Johnny was in the Zin Simulation, he was forced to relive Aisha's death repeatedly. Years later he was finally rescued by the Saints, and they fought against the Zin Empire.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Edit

When the Boss was sucked into Hell, Johnny and Kinzie went in and worked with Dane Vogel to save him. Johnny and Kinzie then fought and defeated Satan. Johnny was then brought before God. He was then given five choices:

  • He could go to Heaven to reunite with Aisha
  • He could become the King of Hell
  • He could help the Saints find a new planet
  • He could have God recreate the Earth, but give everyone new lives
  • He could get the answers to all questions of the Universe
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