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Red Faction Edit

Parker went to Mars for adventure, but realized how cruel Ultor was to the miners. After about six months he took up arms and joined the Red Faction. He is escorted throughout the mines and complex by Hendrix, an Ultor technician.

Parker is ordered to kidnap Richard Gryphon, an administrator who has information on the plague that was unleashed and infected miners. They learn from Gryphon that the plague was created by Axel Capek.

Parker confronted and attempted to kill Capek in the medical facility, to learn that Capek had created a nanotech shield. After chasing Capek through the caves, he meets up with Eos and together they take down Capek. As he dies he tells them there is a cure for the plague, but refuses to tell them how to make it.

Ultor then sent in mercenary units led by Masako. Parker fought through them and sent a distress call to the Earth Defense Force. Hendrix tells Parker that the mercenaries are destroying evidence of Ultor's wrong doing, but is shortly killed in an explosion.

Parker then confronted and killed Masako. The Earth Defense Force then arrives to the aid of the Red Faction and Eos tells Parker that an antidote for plague will be created.

Red Faction: Guerrilla Edit

Fifty years after the First Martian Revolution, Parker now lives near the Mohole, and recalls his time in the fight against Ultor. He would frequently receive visits by Alec Mason where Parker would tell stories of his past.

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